NAV as on 10-Dec-2018 : LIC Pension Fund Scheme Central Govt.- 26.38     LIC Pension Fund SG Scheme State Govt. -23.5485     NPS LITE -Govt.pattern-21.7922     LIC Pension Fund Scheme Corporate CG-17.3162    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME E - TIER I- 17.6661    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME C - TIER I- 16.4054    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME G - TIER I-17.4586    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME A - TIER I-11.5015    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME E - TIER II- 14.792    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME C - TIER II -15.3353     LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME G - TIER II-17.5671    LIC PENSION FUND SCHEME A - TIER II-10    LIC PENSION FUND ATAL PENSION YOJANA SCHEME- 13.3381    
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Plan today to secure your future tomorrow by
joining NPS (National Pension Scheme) with LIC PFL
Salient features of the Scheme
  • LICPFL has been granted registration for managing private sector funds of New Pension
    Scheme. (
  • Any citizen of India can join the pension scheme under NPS.
  • This scheme is the best option for citizens not covered under any pension scheme as the returns are
    attractive with low risk and low cost.
  • Presently there are three options (i.e., asset classes)
    1. Asset Class E (Equity),
    2. Asset Class C (Corporate bonds & Debentures) &
    3. Asset Class G (Government Securities).
  • Active Choice:-Option to actively manage subscriber contribution by deciding the percentage of contribution to be invested in the above asset classes. Entire contribution can be invested in asset class C, G or distributed among E, C, G subject to a cap of 50% in E, and balance 50% in C (30%) & G(20%), or
  • Auto Choice :-Option for Auto choice where the proportion of equity is 50%, bond is 30% and govt. securities is 20% till age 35 and later equity and bonds reduces gradually every year to 10% each at age 55 & the balance 80% in govt. securities. (
  • At retirement age 60, 60% of the accumulated wealth can be withdrawn and 40% is utilized for buying annuity. In case the subscriber decides for retirement before age 60, 80% of the accumulated wealth shall be utilized for purchase of annuity.
  • LIC PFL has generated consistent returns on its government schemes and is confident of repeating the same.
  • Please contact at toll free number 1800110708 for further details
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