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Investment Options under New Pension System:

For Govt. Employees: Presently there are two schemes with investment being broadly in Debt and Equity. However during the years 2008-09 and 2009-10 only Scheme I was operational.

Govt.Securities                                                                                 upto  55%
Debt Securities,Corporate Bond/PSU Bonds,etc                      upto  40%
Equity including equity-linked schemes of Mutual Funds       upto  15%
Money Market Instruments                                                             upto   5%

For All Citizens:Under the investment guidelines finalized for the NPS, pension fund managers will manage three separate schemes, each investing in a different asset class. The three asset classes are equity, government securities and credit risk-bearing fixed income instruments.

Active Choice :

The subscriber will have the option to actively decide as to how the NPS pension wealth is to be invested in three asset classes:

1.E Class: Investment would primarily in Equity market instruments. It would invest in Index funds that replicate the portfolio of either BSE Sensitive index or NSE Nifty 50 index.
2.G Class: Investment would be in Government securities like GOI bonds and State Govt. bonds
3.C Class: Investment would be in fixed income securities other than Government Securities

Auto Choice :

In case the subscriber does not exercise any choice as regards asset allocation, the contribution will be invested in accordance with the ‘Auto choice’ option. In this option the investment will be determined by a predefined portfolio. At the lowest age of entry (18 years) the auto choice will entail investment of 50 % of pension wealth in “E” Class, 30% in “C” Class and 20% in “G” Class. These ratios of investment will remain fixed for all contributions until the participant reaches the age of 36. From age 36 onwards, the weight in “E” and “C” asset class will decrease annually and the weight in “G” class will increase annually till it reaches 10% in “ E”, 10% in “C” and 80 % in “ G” class at age 55as in the Table below :

AgeAsset Class EAsset Class CAsset Class G
up to 35 years50%30%20%
36 years48%29%23%
37 years46%28%26%
38 years44%27%29%
39 years42%26%32%
40 years40%25%35%
41 years38%24%38%
42 years36%23%41%
43 years34%22%44%
44 years32%21%47%
45 years30%20%50%
47 years26%18%56%
48 years24%17%59%
49 years22%16%62%
50 years20%15%65%
51 years18%14%68%
52 years16%13%71%
53 years14%12%74%
54 years12%11%77%
55 years10%10%80%

The permitted fraction, as mentioned above, is expected to be maintained at that level at all points in time. However, the amount of funds invested in that asset can differ from the Specified weight by no more or less than 5% for purposes of portfolio balancing.
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